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The Solar Siting Task Force (Task Force) was created by the Vermont Legislature with the passage of Act 56, signed into law on June 11, 2015. It directed the Commissioner of the Public Service Department to call the first meeting of the Task Force on or before August 1, 2015. The duties of the Task Force are to study the design, siting, and regulatory review of solar electric generation facilities and to provide a report in the form of proposed legislation with the rational for each proposal.

Act 56 also specified the organizational membership of the Task Force. The individuals comprising the Task Force and appointed by the member organizations are:

Commissioner of Public Service or Designee: Commissioner Christopher Recchia
Commissioner of Housing and Community Development or Designee: Commissioner Noelle MacKay
Secretary of Natural Resources or Designee: Secretary Deb Markowitz
Representative of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns: Karen Horn
Representative of the Vermont Planners Association: Sharon Murray
Representative of the Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies: Adam Lougee
Representative of Renewable Energy Vermont: Andrew Raubvogel
Representative of an electric distribution utility: Robert Dostis
Landscape architect: Mitch Lefevre
Vermont resident with public policy and environmental and energy expertise: Sam Swanson